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It is that time in your life where the big day is closing in and all the preparations have to be made and you want to get through them as easily as possible with as little chaos as possible. Here you will find just that; a simple way to order a custom sherwani for yourself and have it delivered right to your doorstep. All you have to do is a little clicking: pick out the right material, size up your measurements and hit the order tab. We will do everything else and let you get back to other preparations.

We offer you a designer cream sherwani for men because cream is a classic, elegant color that can never go wrong. If your bride chooses to wear the traditional red your suit goes with her perfectly, if she chooses to go with another color you match her perfectly anyway. This sherwani is not just outstanding for its color, but also its elegant embroidery. If you choose to go with the recommended cloth you will have a rough textured base with no self print. When going with this classic color the minimalist approach is the best. The buttons down the front are brown and gold.

It has gold embroidery on the neckline and back. The back embroidery stretches out in a v shaped pattern with over lapping swirls like motifs. There are brown and gold patches on the upper arms and cuffs. The cream color sherwani for your wedding will have its earthy tones and classy highlights.