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Red is the color of love and is such an appropriate color to wear on your wedding day where you pledge your love to someone else for the rest of your life. This red groom sherwani is the perfect suit for your wedding. Check out the latest maroon sherwani for men and dress up in a fancy shade of red.

It is a richly embroidered suit on a maroon brocade base with a self print. Motifs with beads, sequins and stones embroidered on the shoulders, cuffs and collar. It has beaded vertical lines on the front, back and the sleeves. The delicate and fine embroidery work gives off a rich texture making the wearer look regal and the dress stand out. You want your wedding dress to make you look the best in the crowd and this attractive red wedding sherwani does just that. It not only lets you match your bride-to-be, but makes you look like the perfect couple on the center stage.

The gold and red colors give a look of authority and an aura of fineness to your sherwani. The high quality silky material will feel soft against and stay wrinkle free so you look dazzling all day long. And when comes the time for the wedding pictures you will be ready and in no need of any further touch ups. Your suit will make you look wonderful so you can stand beside your bride and snap away without worrying about what you look like. Just take your measurements and send them on to us and we will tailor it down to perfection so that your wedding day is nothing less than perfect.