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An emerald green base with a printed overlay, gem studded buttons and cuffs and a stark sherwani collar. Imagine being dressed up like that on your wedding day. We can tailor you the suit you want with the shade of green you desire, so that you can exactly look the same you’ve imagined looking like on your wedding day.

Pick out a material from our selection of pure cotton, pure silk, cotton silk and more. We will give you a textured base with a printed pattern throughout, light embroidery work along the neckline and cuffs, gem studded buttons along the chest and stiff buttoned cuffs. You will look exquisite and classy and will also be able to stay well within your budget with this low cost wedding sherwani. Cut-back on the suit and splurge on the event. This fabulous suit allows you to do just that, so try on this dark green sherwani and look like the perfect groom.

Green is a lively color that goes with any, either silver or gold embroidery, so we mix up a little for you and use intertwined silver and gold zari work along with the embroidery to give it that extra boost of dazzle. So if you need a green sherwani for men to wear on your special day, you know where to find it and which one to pick out.