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Blue is one of the best colors on a sherwani. Whether you choose to go with a light shade like sky blue or a darker one like navy blue you will still look stunning. We offer you a wide palette of shades to choose from for your sherwani. You can also select the material you want from the list. We will embroider the color and material you select, stitch it up and send it to you. We believe you should be able to customize your own sherwani without going through the hassle of tailors and wasting entire days shopping for a navy blue sherwani for dhula at the wedding and we give you just that: choice.

This sherwani is overall light embroidered, but gives out a rich classic look that will make the wearer look superb. The embroidery starts off along the neckline and trails down the back, front and sleeves with vertical lines of beads. You can choose the color of the embroidery between silver and golden as well. We offer you a large degree of freedom while customizing your sherwani. This won’t just be another royal blue sherwani for men; it is going to be your suit for your wedding day.

You can select your color on your own or go with a recommended one like the jade blue sherwani. We promise you great fitting, flawless finishing and no complaints. All our customers are satisfied and leave us great reviews; we assure you satisfaction as well. So forget about going out for shopping when you have already found yourself the right sherwani collection, now you can get to other things on your wedding’s to-do list.