Key Distinctions Between Kurtas And Sherwanis

Eastern dresses, although might look the same, but have marked differences in their characteristics, styling and in occasions when they are to be worn. It is important to understand the key distinctions among these dresses for someone who is getting used to the traditional eastern wear or trying to understand fashion industry on the eastern side.

22 Key Distinctions Between Kurtas And Sherwanis

Formal kurtas and sherwanis are two types of outfits that look similar but have contrasting differences among them. A kurta is usually a dress that is associated with religious festivities among the men in the Asian countries and is more strongly associated as a symbolic dress for Muslims around the world by definition it means a collarless shirt. However, with modernization in fashion, there are kurtas that come with strong and designed collars just like a typical t-shirt. Where on the other hand, a sherwani is a long-suit like garment, usually worn over a kurta and churidar and has a very heavy fabric used to stitch it. This is the most key and basic difference between the nature of these two popular eastern traditional wear.

With changing times and evolution in the fashion industry their basic difference is starting to fade away, today we see a lot of kurtas that just look exactly like a sherwani but for some odd reasons are still named and sold as designer kurtas. Similarly in sherwani as times pass, we have seen a lot of modernization taking place and now colors or designs that were not usually authentic are beginning to take over. If we talk about the exterior and interior of both outfits, then sherwanis are usually buttoned until knee length, as a result, it often provides an illusion of men being taller than they are, which is one of the reasons for its high popularity, as men of the East are usually short-heighted.

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