Adding New Colors to Eastern Wedding Ceremonies

Weddings are an extraordinary affair with so many minute details to be checked till the last minute. As chaotic as they may be, wedding festivities are a way to bring the family together and closer. This is an apparent outcome of Eastern weddings where everyone just has to attend. Wedding dresses of both the bride and groom are of the utmost importance. They have to be in the limelight, especially when on the stage.

scblog1 Adding New Colors to Eastern Wedding Ceremonies

There are so many amazing designers out there now, each with his or her creativity and understanding of fabric, color and various cuts. They can give good advice as to what would be most suitable for you to wear.

Their job is to create something new and innovative every day so they come up with various designs all the time. They know how to mix and match colors as they are the master of color combination. They have a strong grip on colors and know what would look best on you and what colors are appropriate for the particular season you are getting married in.

Speaking of color, grooms no longer have limited color options to choose from. Groom in the East, like in Pakistan and India prefers wearing a sherwani and  a turban called a qula. There was a time when the only color they would wear included off-white, cream and very rarely black. Now, however, with the increasingly growing fashion industry and emergence of new, creative designers, the fashion world is facing a whole new era.

The designs are new and they are much bolder than they used to be. The colors are unique and unusual, yet they seem to be working great so far. Everyone likes changes; they are interested dragging themselves out of the typical colors and in trying new colors. Brown sherwani for men is quite a star these days along with a great shade blue and also black.

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